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UMD Smart Commute is the sustainable transportation program at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Our goal is to provide campus faculty, staff, students and visitors with options and incentives that encourage the use of sustainable transportation options to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to and parking on campus. UMD Smart Commute is all about how to get to, from and around UMD in a way that saves money, time and the planet. Biking, transit, walking and ridesharing are all healthy transportation options that take the stress out of your commute.

Join UMD Smart Commute and rethink your ride!


Taking sustainable commute trips can be rewarding. Participate in our incentive programs Smart Commute and you can win big!

  1. Log your trips on your Smart Commute Dashboard
  2. Earn points for each sustainable commute
  3. Click on "Incentives" to participate in challenges and points programs
  4. Redeem rewards!

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Summer Rewards Program:

Telework Challenge: July 9 - August 17

Eligible participants: Faculty/Staff

Full detail and instructions can be found on the
Telework Smart Commute page

Visit University Human Resources website for the official
UMD's Telework Guidelines and Factors to Consider.