Carpool VS Vanpool: Which Works for You?

Faculty and Staff
Sustainable Transportation

Ridesharing is a term you’ve probably heard often these days, but what is it? We're here to break it down for you! Rideshare or Commute ‘Pools’ is a term used to describe a shared commute arrangement, such as a carpool or vanpool, which can result in cost and environmental savings. This handy chart outlines difference between carpools and vanpools and explains the benefits of each.


  • Share your personal vehicle with at least 1 other commuter

  • 50% off on parking permit for registered carpoolers

  • Both carpoolers keep their assigned parking locations

  • Rent an Enterprise van with at least 4 other commuters

  • Free parking at preferred locations

  • 50% off on monthly fees for the first 6 months

  • One free bundle pack of 10 daily parking permits for each vanpooler

  • Fully covered car maintenance and insurance within monthly fees

  • Eligible for pre-tax deduction benefits

  • Save time and effort spent driving

  • Split the commute costs with fellow poolers

  • Reduce gas and personal vehicle maintenance expenses

  • Free registration in Guaranteed Ride Home program

  • Use the HOV lanes

  • Reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Make friends and spend time socializing


If you're interested in trying ridesharing, RSVP for one of our ridesharing "pool" parties this semester! We're holding one on February 14 and another on March 28. This event is for faculty and staff only, but we'll be hosting a student party later in the semester.