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Request a Citation Review

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NOTE: If you submit a citation review, you do not owe payment until after a decision has been made on that review. Submission of payment before a decision has been made will void the review. Terrapin express is not accepted for permit, CLPR or ticket payment.


Bona fide visitors to University of Maryland College Park may request a DOTS review by filing an online more »


Online Review

UMCP students may request a Student Ticket Review Section (STRS) review by filing an online review more »

New Fall 2015: Request a real-time video review

The DOTS real-time video review process is designed to offer students an alternative to submitting a written request for review. more »


UMCP, and UMUC faculty and staff may request a DOTS review by filing an online review through the more »

Prince George's County District Court Review

Visitors, students, faculty and staff receiving parking violation notices at UMCP may request a Prince more »

Requests for Second Review (students only)

Current UMD students wishing to dispute the decision made on the first review request are eligible for a second review. Second reviews are conducted by the University Appellate Board, a branch of the Office of Student Conduct. more »
Click here to download a PDF to complete in advance of your visit to the DOTS Office.

Unresolved Parking Violations

A Parking violation notice (PVN) that remains unpaid after the 15 day grace period or after a reduced or more »

Students may request a real-time video review
Real-time reviews will be conducted using Skype.

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Are you a good candidate for a real-time video appeal?

Yes if...

more »

No if...

more »

Similar to online written reviews, you may schedule a real-time video review online through your parking account. To schedule an appointment, log into your parking account or search for your citation, and follow links to submit a real-time video review. You will be prompted to select a date and time no more than 30 days from when the citation was issued. Appointment times are available on a first-come, first-served basis according to when CRU members are available.

Link to Video Review FAQ

Click the FAQ for information about how real-time video reviews work, including information about scheduling, eligibility, and Google Hangouts.

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